Pligg Version 1.0.0 RC4 and Donation Updates

It’s been a week since our latest download, and we’ve noticed that many users have been having problems getting the previous version of Pligg to work without frequently displaying a “Wrong Referrer” message. It turns out that a security check that we added to Pligg wasn’t tested as much as we should have and it showed with RC3. That’s why we are packaging another release candidate version that fixes this problem and many others. You can get the latest version from the official release thread. We urge users to report whatever bugs you are finding to the forums so that we can fix the final gitches so that we can release a final 1.0 version of Pligg quickly.The donation drive is going really well and I thank everyone who has contributed to the project. Even if you want to contribute just to get the free module and template, we are happy to have your support. We continue the donation drive until a short time after 1.0 final is released, so if you will want to take advantage of the freebies that donors are getting you will need to contribute before the official drive ends.
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6 thoughts on “Pligg Version 1.0.0 RC4 and Donation Updates

  1. Thanks I was having many Wrong referrer issues and the forums fix didn’t work.

    Keep up the great work guys I’m loving the new release! I just upgraded! Tho I miss the custom templates this version is far better.

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