New Template On The Way

Late last night I began work on what will be the fourth Pligg template to be created. The third template, created specifically for Beta 7, is well coded but doesn’t have that certain “Web 2.0” flare that captivates visitors. This fourth template will be one of two offered with the Beta 7 release. The other template will have 2 variations: a 2 column version and a 3 column version. The fourth template will be based on the type D template, which should please just about everyone out there begging for a layout more similar to Digg’s two column layout. Not only will it be two column, but it will have a navbar up top to make page navigation easier and it will reduce the amount of links put in the sidebar. I only played with this new template for about half an hour last night, but it seems that designing Pligg templates gets easier with time. It also helps to start with a well written template that seems to perfectly suit Pligg.

There’s still no word on when Beta 7 will release. I have hinted that it will be out by the end of the month, but we keep adding more and more features. This is actually a good thing that we are pushing back the next release because we are trying to get Pligg in a very stable and feature-filled release. The Pligg Developer Group will get an advanced copy of the files before the official release to help troubleshoot, translate and bugfix. We are still in need of some volunteers for several areas of design, so if you have the skills to pay the bills please contact us.

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5 thoughts on “New Template On The Way

  1. bravo.

    Adding more features is great. There’s that needed balance in not letting “featuritis” creep in, but adding more useful features and functions is worth the wait.

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  3. I’m in if you need a beta tester/troubleshooter. I contributed in fixes to the first version of pligg, but have been wrapped up in work for some time. The workload has diminished and I have more time to devote to this. Let me know.

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