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Our last donation drive was held way back in February 2007, and during that one month period we gathered over $1,000 in donations from members. Luckily we were able to keep our costs for both running and developing Pligg relatively low for nearly 2 years and were able to have most of the costs of development paid for through other means of income.  Recently though our development costs have skyrocketed as we approach a final 1.0 version. In order to continue developing fixes for a large variety of servers and languages we have been spending a lot of money that we need to replace, that’s where the Pligg Donation Drive 2009 comes in.

Update:The bonus template and modules are no long available. We wanted to limit how many users were able to use the Magazeen template so that it would be more valuable to our donors. Since Pligg 1.0 is out we have discontinued giving away the 2 downloads for free. You can still purchase Plingger from Pligg Pro, but the Magazeen template has been taken off the market forever as promised.

This year’s donation drive has a bit of a catch. This year we are offering something in return to our donors, and no it’s not a T-shirt or a mug. We are going to give away a brand new template and one of our most popular Pligg Pro modules to everyone who donates $20 to Pligg during this donation drive. As a special thanks to those who have donated to us in the past we will be offering the template and module for $10 to anyone who has donated $10 or more in the last year, just contact me ahead of time so that I can confirm that we have received a donation from you in the past.
Magazeen Template Features
Donate $20 or more and we will be giving you access to both a brand new Pligg 1.0 template named “Magazeen” and one of the Pligg Pro shop’s most popular Pligg modules “Plingger“. Magazeen will not be sold in the Pligg Pro shop in the future, so this is a one time deal for people wanting to get a unique Pligg 1.0 template. If you want to see what Magazeen is like you can demo it on, a new website that I am going to use to blog about Pligg hacks to add extra features to your Pligg site.Magazeen Template Features: Instructions for Downloading Magazeen and PlinggerPlease make sure that you register on the Pligg forums before making a donation if you want to be credited and get access to the downloads. After you have logged into your forum account, navigate to the Pligg Donation Page and make a donation of $20 or more using Paypal. After your payment has been processed you will be marked as a “Donor” from your forum user profile. At that point you will see a new forum on the Pligg Forums homepage called “Donor Benefits”. In that forum you will find the downloads for Plingger and Magazeen.If you are unable to donate we ask that you take a few minutes out of your day to mention Pligg on your blog. It doesn’t have to be much and it doesn’t even have to be positive. We are glad to listen to your comments about what we could do to improve Pligg, we are also happy to listen to what you really love about Pligg. As long as you talk about us in a constructive way and send us a link we’re pretty happy. Money may help fund development, but publicity helps us too because it brings new visitors to and hopefully that will mean more Pligg users. If you haven’t clicked on that donate link yet, take a moment and blog.
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17 thoughts on “Donation Drive 2009

  1. Just a question. Can the Magazeen theme only be used a posting blog-like news or as the Digg concept as well?

  2. The template is designed as a Digg-type site, like most other Pligg sites. The example url is set up so that users can’t register demo accounts only to abandon after a minute of use. Thats why I’ve provided users with the ability to log in as a pre-made demo account and test the site out. I also set up so that demo stories won’t be pushed to the homepage, but you can manually type in /upcoming.php to see the upcoming stories.

    So the quick ansewr is that the template is not designed as a blog-like news site. It took me some customizations to make it operate like By default it will function just like the Wistie template, with the Upcoming page in the main navigation links. It also lets users register and join groups.

  3. If you try to submit without logging in it says “wrong referrer” – maybe you were trying to upgrade to RC3 for the Magazeen template.

    Btw, the template is awesome. I will donate not because of the benefits but because of Pligg as a whole – you guys are just awesome rock star coders! :P

  4. The “Wrong Referrer” message is something you will see all over RC3 if you try to directly access certain urls such as the admin files and the submit.php files. If you click on a link to submit section it should work fine, but a link from another site or manually entering in the url in your browser bar will result in a “Wrong Referrer” message.
    Starting with RC3 files that are inputting data into the database now check the referer as a method to prevent XSRF hacks.

    See this post for more details:

  5. i was going to the site in Chrome and received this message:

    Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!
    The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that contains malware can infect your computer.
    For detailed information about the problems with these elements, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for
    Learn more about how to protect yourself from harmful software online.

    can you check that?, i trust pligg, that’s why it was strange to receive that message

  6. I’m aware of the Google malicious detection message because someone mentioned that problem in the Pligg chatroom. It seems that a malicious site is hosted on the same IP address as so Google has marked all websites on that IP address as malicious for now. You can safely ignore the warning and browse This is a problem caused by having put on a shared web host where often hundreds of domains share the same IP address.

    Fortunately is hosted on it’s own IP address on a dedicated server so it will never suffer from this type of problem.

  7. Hi

    I cannot find the demo of the Pligg templates you are talking about. All I find at is a blog-based theme?

    Can anyone please hand me the direct URL of a demo?

  8. is a demo of the template. I’ve only removed the ability for users to register from the site and provided a demo user for people to log in and try out the site. Please see my second comment for more of an explanation.

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  10. Could you please add any other payment method beside paypal such as 2CO, as my country not supported in paypal.

  11. This templates looks and works great in Firefox. However in both IE7 and IE8 its appearing left-aligned to me instead of center aligned. I am also getting some script errors in IE8.

    Are others having similar problems in IE8 too?

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