Bug Report Forum Retired

The Bug Report forum has been closed to make room for the Projects section of the forum. Projects is a more advanced section that allows users to be much more specific about their bugs and allows us to assign developers to fix legitimate problems, and for other users to confirm that a bug actually exists. A lot of our time goes into figuring out if a problem that a user posts is caused by Pligg, their server or just something misconfigured. Most of the time it’s the latter, but when its a problem with Pligg we are usually quick to respond with a fix. This new policy to use the Projects section of the site will help speed up the process of finding legitimate bugs for us to patch. More information on what the Projects section of the site is capable of will probably come in a future post. If you have any questions about basic usage of Projects post it as a comment to this thread and I will try to address it on a follow-up blog article.The old threads and posts that existed on the Bug Report forum still exist if you access the old URL to a thread, so the information will continue to show up through search engine results for now. We will eventually completely remove the forum because once 1.0 final is out the archived threads will no longer be relevant or useful.
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