Changing the ‘God’ Password

When you install Pligg, a “God” account is created in your database automatically. The username for this account is “God” (minus the quotes of course) and the password by default is “password”. After completing the first install of Pligg you should log into this account and change the password and email for the account. The God account is given the highest level of priviledges on your site, so you should make sure that the password is strong enough and contains a mix of letters and numbers. You should avoid using common words for the God password. You might even want to read this page about how to choose a good password for some tips.

I realize that when you pick a very difficult password it can be tough to remember down the road. This is why Pligg has password recovery built in. When a user requests a password by entering their username into the password request form, it will send an email to that user’s email address with a password change request code. The problem is, no where along the way will the user be able to see what email address it’s sending the password change request to. This is for security purposes and it will remain this way because it would be unwise to expose user emails this way. But if you are trying to retrieve the God password and you don’t remember changing the default email address you’re in trouble. By default God’s email is, so you’ll have trouble recovering your password because that email is nonexistant. So how do you change the password if you can’t do it by password change request? If you have PHPmyadmin you can edit the password manually using this guide. The guide is designed for WordPress, but it is pretty much identicle to what you would do for Pligg and it will point you in the right direction.

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