Vendor Information

If you are a designer or developer looking to publish templates, modules, widgets, or any other type of digital product related to Pligg CMS, then you need to learn about our new Vendor program. Vendors are a new user group that have the ability to add free or premium digital items to the Pligg Downloads area. If a Vendor chooses to sell one of their items through our marketplace, we give them a large commission (ranging from 60-80%) and the rest of the money goes back into Pligg CMS. It’s an easy way to make money as a developer, while at the same time supporting our open source project.

If you’ve signed up for a new account and haven’t already applied to the Vendor program, you can do so from our recently updated Vendor Information page.  Beyond the information provided on that page, here are a few other key points about the Vendor program to keep in mind.

  • You will need a Paypal account for receiving payments.
  • New accounts will earn a 60% commission on products, there are no other fees associated with Vendor accounts.
  • It may take a few business days for us to approve new Vendor accounts.
  • Not everyone is accepted into the Vendor program. We try to weed out suspicious accounts. If you believe you were rejected without cause, please contact us.
  • Feel free to base your work on any of the modules, templates, or widgets that are included with the core Pligg CMS files. That’s what they are there for.
  • Do not post products or content that may contain content deemed illegal, harmful to a computer, or adult themed.

The Pligg Downloads area is still undergoing some issues that we are trying to sort out related to orders being marked as paid automatically, but we hope to have everything sorted out within the next week. We thank you for your patience.

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