Pligg (sort of) Mentioned on TWIT

TWIT Episode 43: Old Yeller mentioned Pligg a couple times during the show. Leo brings it up and keeps calling it Pigg, perhaps it’s time I write him an email to correct him. You can tell that Dvorak and the rest of the crew are completely ignoring the subject. Dvorak like usual is just trying to get the others to listen to him, he’s such a hog for attention. Kevin joins in a few minutes after they first brought it up and they retouch the subject and talk a tiny bit about Good news is that Kevin mentions that he’s not so afraid of open source projects, just sites that infringe their trademark.
Download the episode here:

Fast forward to 31:00 and listen for a couple of minutes.
When they stop talking about it fast forward to 38:00 and listen to Kevin talk about it for a short bit.

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