Demo Site Update

We are in need of some courageous testers to play around with our latest SVN demo on the new testing ground This demo site is running one of the latest SVN builds of Pligg and we need users to jump on the site and start toying around with it so that we can analyze the database stress. The more people we get on the new demo site over the next 24 hours the better. Please note that the latest version of Pligg is still under development and you may experience some unpolished or even incomplete features that we are currently finishing up.Sometime in the next 2 days the site database will go down for what I estimate to be about 30 minutes, followed by the forum being down for an additional 30 minutes. We will be performing an upgrade during this time and when doing this we need to temporarily suspend the database.
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2 thoughts on “Demo Site Update

  1. Will there be a feature available for “submit a blog” where they put in the RSS feed and the admin just has to approve or delete as adding all the RSS feeds manually is a massive chore, we’re adding hundreds of RSS feeds from blogs around the world.

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