New Default Captcha Method: reCAPTCHA

We have been suggesting to Pligg users that they should use the reCAPTCHA method for their site’s CAPTCHA for a while now, but until recently it wasn’t possible for us to set reCAPTCHA as the default CAPTCHA due to their use of randomized keys that they assign to domain names. A couple weeks ago reCAPTCHA announced that they would be allowing users to provide “global keys” which allow you to use the same public and private keys on any number of domain names. Now that reCAPTCHA offers this feature we are able to set a default key upon installation so that reCAPTCHA can be used with Pligg without any additional configuration or signups. Starting with Pligg 1.0, Pligg will be using reCAPTCHA as the default CAPTCHA method and site administrators won’t need to do a thing to configure it. You will still have the option to enter your own reCAPTCHA keys through the CAPTCHA module admin page, but it isn’t required anymore.
Hopefully this switch to reCAPTCHA will not only make your site more secure than the other CAPTCHAs, but you will be doing the world a favor because reCAPTCHA actually helps digitize books. You can learn more about how reCAPTCHA works and why it’s such a great cause by reading the What is reCAPTCHA page from their website.
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2 thoughts on “New Default Captcha Method: reCAPTCHA

  1. We were referencing our latest SVN build, not Pligg 9.9.5. The next Pligg release will use ReCaptcha by default. You can still use ReCaptcha with 9.9.5, but you will need to configure it before enabling it.

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