Beta 6.01 Update

AshDigg rolled out an update to Beta 6 to help fix a few bugs and add a few features. This is an essential upgrade because I forgot to include the .htaccess file with the 6.00 release. 6.01 does not include a /libs/dbconnect.php file, so please be sure to grab that from the 6.00 release or if you have a previous install of Pligg you should use your old dbconnect.php file.

  • The .htaccess file :)
  • Support for Gravatars (the user profile page needs some formatting done if anyone has some time)
  • Support for /category/{categoryname} instead of the category number.
  • Tags are split up so you can click on individual tags for searching instead of having to search all.
  • Ability to allow HTML tags (you choose which tags) in a story submission
  • This feature has been around, but not really mentioned… When an admin clicks on “Admin: Change the status.” there is a link to “Ban this URL”. This will prevent anyone from submitting another story from that domain. Example: Digg doesn’t allow links from Shoutwire.
  • Misc bug fixes.

Download 6.01 Here.

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