Seeking User Testimonials

We are redesigning our homepage and are in need of some great quotes from Pligg users to demonstrate how people are using Pligg and giving us some general praise. If you run a successful Pligg site, or work for a company that uses Pligg in some form, please leave a testimonial comment to this article and leave a valid email address so that we can contact you back and verify that you represent the said domain. Below are some ideas and items of information that we need:
  1. Please leave an email address related to the site if possible. If you are writing a testimonial for, your email should be If you run Pligg on an internal company intranet you should provide us with a work email address if possible.
  2. Tell us about HOW you are using Pligg.
  3. If you are working for a company, tell us about the company.
  4. WHY you chose to use Pligg. What benefits made you choose Pligg.
  5. Tell us about your Pligg site’s success. More traffic, better work productivity, additional members joining, national or local news coverage, increased income?
  6. What benefits have you seen from using Pligg?
We are not seeking sites that have merely installed Pligg and haven’t bothered to customize the template. We will only accept sites who have put a considerable amount of work into their sites and beyond that they should be newsworthy candidates.
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8 thoughts on “Seeking User Testimonials

  1. We used Pligg as part of of our Graphic Design network of sites, (The Forum), (The Supporting Blog) and (the Social Network), Pligg seemed like the next step forward to try and get the best of the blog posts, forum posts etc from the network and allow people to vote on them meaning the good stuff would rise to the top.
    We also offered other similar design blogs the chance to add their feed to the site meaning we got a regular flow of stories from around the globe keeping the content fresh and the site active. In our first year we managed to get a PR4 front page and an Alexa traffic ranking of 73,005 this was mainly due to the Search Engine Optimized way that Pligg is built as standard.

  2. We are using Pligg to connect Atheists with Atheists oriented news and blogs, Pligg had the features we were looking for, user generated content, user voting, and an intuitive interface. Pligg allowed us to come to bring the site live sooner because we did not have to reinvent the wheel, but just modify the wheel to gain traction in the community. Our reach is not only national, but international: there have been a few submissions in different languages! Pligg rocks!

  3. We used Pligg to launch a beta site for Zambian news. The site was launched under the name of Memeza –

    Within days we were able to help provide a common area for people to discuss and contribute news and information related to Zambia. Clearly, the reason for this growth was the simplicity and vast community feature set that Pligg offered. Furthermore, the product development team has continued to show excellent commitment, transparency and creativity toward enhancing the core product.

    We’re looking forward to the next release of Pligg when we intend to officialy launch our community.

  4. I have done many web sites and none have been more successfull than my pligg site, slowly but surely it is moving up the rankings with little promotion with new members joining everyday the site is a social bookmarking site / article mostly i love the easy to use admin panel and believe me ive tryed some open source scripts similar to pligg/digg and pligg is the one ive stuck with because of its easy user interface, so thanks to pligg i finaly will have a successfull web site.

  5. I used Pligg to install an article directory at
    The best thing about Pligg is how easy it is to install and customize it, compared to other cms scripts. In a few minutes you can have your own web 2.0 website without needing advanced technical skills. Sure, for the success of your website it matters to have a great idea, but Pligg does its part, it lets you create your own user-driven community in a matter of minutes.

    With other cms programs you spend a lot of time just by configuring everything up, until you get to the point that you’re too tired to actually add articles, but Pligg spares you of the troubles and gives you more time to do what you actually need to do – working into attracting more users to your community.

    I liked it since I first seen the demo, and I don’t have anything to complain about after using it. Hats off to the developers.

  6. We have used pligg to create an Australian community for freelance web designers, web design companies, agencies and studios to share web designs. The site allows users to get feedback on web designs, get amongst designers at different levels and look for inspiration for their next
    web design project.

    Personally I have been using and following pligg for a number of years now. Every update has seen the pligg project improve and today it is a feature packed powerful content management system.

    Pligg is relatively easy to get up and running and the great community support behind the CMS is also one of the reasons I have continued to follow the progress of the project – help is never too far away.

    Pligg is a Social Networking CMS that makes it fun for website visitors and administrators.Congratulations on the 300,000 downloads milestone and keep up the fantastic work.

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