Beta 6 Released!

Well, it’s finally out there. I’m still not happy with where Beta 6 is when it comes to compatability and features. We are going to start working on a more web standard version of the template with just 2 columns. For now this will help everyone out who wants to get away from the digg layout. There will still be a lot of bugs with this release, after all we are in Beta release still, but they will soon be resolved with yet another template release. I still have to fix the problem form position, enable the magnifying glass image and add the negative vote functionality.
I am also introducing a new homepage design. The root page no longer shows Pligg’s demo, instead we feature a nice welcome page with some handy links and news. It will show the latest 3 blog posts, last 3 bug reports, and last 3 forum replies. This will help keep users up to date with the latest information. The main page also links to a FAQ and License page. I will update the FAQ in the future to have tutorials and such.

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9 thoughts on “Beta 6 Released!

  1. I guess becase when u click login, there is no login directory it sould be login.php instead in the same root directory.

    same with admin, register etc

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  3. Great work you guys. Looking forward to trying this out over the weekend. Can’t believe the amazing effort to get this over this finish line… THANK YOU!

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