Perhaps this will be the day?!?!

Man am I getting annoyed of myself. I know I’ve been putting this off longer and longer, but the guys in the IRC room have been some great beta testers. I also have to thank everyone who has left a comment to report bugs. We have most everything working (including sneak) and we are now working on fine tuning the CSS and double-checking as many pages as we can for errors in IE and Firefox. I have to thank podigle for his lending a hand in fixing and checking the template CSS. I am handing out copies of Beta 6 in IRC for testing purposes, but there are still a few areas that need to be finished. I handed Podigle an archive of the files tonight for him to check over and tomorrow morning I plan to wake up, ask AshDigg a few questions, and finally finish this thing assuming that nothing else comes up. I’ve been sleep deprived the past few days, so I look forward to getting a decent amount of sleep tonight and starting the day rejuvinated and ready to Pligg.

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8 thoughts on “Perhaps this will be the day?!?!

  1. The two bugs I mentioned on still seem to exist. Maybe you didn’t see them over there, so I’d like to copy-paste them over here :

    #1 The alignment of the “problem?”-field is not good : above the title of the next article.

    Also the “-“-button does not seem to work (“negative votes”)

    These problems occur in Firefox.

  2. On the shakeit-page, I also remarked that for three posts, the title seems to be below the title box :

    – testing – shouldn’t the whole screen width be used…
    – needs Pligg Beta6
    – Does Blizzard Discourage Openly Gay Players in World…

  3. and please, dont hardcode the css-styles in templates (‘text-decoration: none;’). it should be implemented in css file only… :)

  4. If you have visited a menu item before hovering does not highlight the item.The link,visited, hover, active for links will probably have to be used to correct (the so-called “LoVe HA! sequence – see Please change.

    The pink used in “about” and “navigation” should be a bit darker. the white text is amost unreadable on an LCD display or a laptop.

    There are placement issues when displayed in Opera (search and individual headlines for each item). I’ll fix it as soon as as we have a new beta and put it back into the project .

    Guan’s comment is right – the templates should NOT have CSS styles embedded (ever). Leave ALL styling to the style sheets.

  5. HI,
    I’m late to the game and just discovered pligg this past week. My question is should I wait for Beta 6 or should I use the current download available? Will the new version be as stable or more stable than the current version? If I goe with the current version…how hard will it be to upgrade? Sorry for all the questions but I’m really excited about this product.

    Also, I’d like to thank all of those who worked on this project. I hope I may be in a position to help in the future.


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