Beta 6 Release Day Part II

It’s a few minutes after midnight now and I’m sad to say we didn’t make our release date. The template has a lot of IE bugs that need to be sorted out and the designer has a router that keeps cutting of his connection. The release has been postponed another day. The good news is that I have had enough time to redesign Pligg’s welcome page and I’ll release the new page on when I release Beta 6. The bad news is that everyone will have to wait another 24 hours for the release. It seems that this is an act of God…. killing someone’s internet connection. More on this tomorrow as things develop.

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6 thoughts on “Beta 6 Release Day Part II

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  2. Hope all is fine. Don’t let the pressure get to you.
    Remember we’re on your side !
    Looking forward to the super release. : )

  3. You are doing one hell of a job! I am impressed by the time and effort you put into this awesome project…
    I have recently set up a Norwegian version of Pligg – still under construction – at

    I have a few comments on the new design:

    All the different colors makes my head ache. Why not find one, and use another color to emphasize important sections of the site?
    White text on pastel background is extremely hard to read…
    Also, the icons look kinda iffy… (tag cloud and so on).
    Putting Adsense right beneath the left navigation is ok, but it would be much better if you added an option to put it high up among the pliggs. Better clickthroughs, more money.

    Except for these few things, it looks great and I can hardly wait! :)

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