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About LemonTwist:

Originally designed as a theme for WordPress by Chris Murphy, LemonTwist is now a free Pligg template released by Yankidank. The template is currently being developed for the next Pligg version (9.9.6). LemonTwist currently is designed to work with Pligg SVN revision 55 current as of August 18, 2008. Please DO NOT redistribute this template or any variation of it without getting my permission first.For those who want to use a logo image with their site rather than a text name in the top left corner, please download the logo file attached to the official thread. It contains a .psd file for the logo image, you should then read NOTES.txt for more information about how to use it.
LemonTwist template for Pligg

LemonTwist template for Pligg

Differences from Yget:

LemonTwist does not fully support the five star voting method. I decided that it’s not something I was interested in writing extra code to add in since very few Pliggers make use of voting method 2.


As of this blog post, the current version is 0.003. Version numbers will be updated with each SVN revision commit that modifies this template. To receive the most up to date version of this template please download it from the Pligg SVN under the /templates directory (not /trunk/templates). It’s brand new and still needs a couple final fixes (see below bug list), but I consider this template to be quite stable. I should have a rock solid version of this template ready for inclusion with 9.9.6.If you would like to contribute some help I would be glad to have the assistance. I would also greatly appreciate a donation using the Chipin widget associated with the forum thread. I invested a lot of time developing this template and I could use the money to help support me creating more free templates.

Known bugs:

  • Check page management, currently submission isn’t redirecting to anything
  • Vote doesn’t change to “voted” with ajax vote. Requires page refresh.


Limited support will be offered from myself once I finish this template. If enough users begin using this template I will create a new forum for bug reports and help requests. Please check the README.txt and NOTES.txt files for more information about the LemonTwist template.


Download the latest version available from the SVN or the most recent forum release through the official LemonTwist thread.
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4 thoughts on “Free Pligg Template LemonTwist

  1. Great stuff, nice pro quality template that reinforces the PLIGG project further.

    Off to check readme.txt and notes.txt to see about SEO features and XHTML compliance (if any) and put it up on a few dev sites!


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