Welcome to Pligg 2.0!

Today we are announcing Pligg CMS 2.0.0 RC1, which is now available as a free download from this page. Pligg CMS 2.0.0 represents a major milestone for the project. There are so many changes, where do we start?! Here are just a few non-bug-fix changes that we’ve made:

  1. Up + down voting
  2. The “Upcoming” section has been renamed to “New”
  3. New admin panel design with much improved usability
  4. New front end design, based on the responsive Bootstrap design
  5. Now includes 12 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkmen
  6. Multi-level commenting
  7. Drag and drop modules from the admin panel module management page to determine their display order
  8. Log in using your email address or username in the user field
  9. New Infinite scrolling or Ajax button pagination options
  10. New, more secure, SolveMedia CAPTCHA
  11. Password reset now sends a link to change it in-browser, rather than a new password via email
  12. Larger default avatar sizes (32px small, and 100px large) with the new ability to call and generate custom sizes
  13. Admins can change the author of a post from the edit story page
  14. View the website error log from the admin panel
  15. Manage a domain blacklist and whitelist from the admin panel
  16. Override module template files by storing a copy in your template directory
  17. Admin modify language editor now includes module language files
  18. Adjusted friend system. Now relationships are more of a follower/following Twitter style
  19. Improved troubleshooter page
  20. Moved log files into /logs.default/ directory so that you wouldn’t have to rename as many files during installation
  21. Removed the /cache/templates_c/ directory, moving the template cache to just /cache/
  22. Better admin panel module version checking
  23. Renamed a number of template files to more common sense names

We have also re-launched Pligg.com (in case you haven’t noticed yet), reorganizing the website into a more useful resource for Pligg support and add-ons. As part of this major design change, we have decided to close and archive the old Pligg Forums. We believe that we can foster a better community through other means, like our very own CMS! Finding help and discussions with the Pligg community will now take place mostly through the Pligg Support page. We’ll add a blog post in the near future describing how you can ask a question or post an answer to the new Support site.

Another awesome new section to the Pligg.com website is the new Downloads area, hosting both free and paid add-ons for your Pligg website! We have transferred many of older premium Pligg Pro items into the new Downloads area, but some are not going to be ported over to the new site because the items are being retired. We are offering some of our most popular premium modules for free over the next 7 days. Create a new Pligg.com account, add any modules that you may want to your cart, and checkout without having to pay a cent. You will then have access to future updates for these normally paid modules. All of your purchased downloads will appear on the new account page.

We have long been trying to find a way to encourage users to design unique and useful Pligg modules and templates, and we think that we finally figured out the right incentive: money. Looking to make a few bucks writing code for your favorite open source project? Now you can sign up to become a Vendor through Pligg.com. Vendors can add free or premium digital products to the Pligg Downloads area. For premium items, we take a commission and send you payments automatically via Paypal. Interested in learning more about selling your digital product on Pligg.com? Visit the Vendor Information page for more details.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Pligg 2.0!

  1. In the article you wrote “RC2” but if I go to the Packages Download Page I can only download the RC1! Is it an error of the download page or of the article?

    BTW when will 2.0.0 come out? And will it be able to be downloaded for free or I will must pay?

  2. Hi,

    I’m planning to put up a site, use the old template system (1.2.x) and would consider a different responsive style approach later on. Is there any way to do this upgrading from 1.2.2 to 2.0 with the new features/bug fixes except the template system? Is this possible through Github with Pull Requests?


    • You will need to provide a more detailed report as to how Pligg is failing with Chinese characters. Please include screenshots, and/or a very detailed paragraph about how we can reproduce the issue. I’ve been able to successfully install the Chinese language file when testing recently. Please also try using the latest development version from GitHub.

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