Meneame Sneak

Ricardo has done a great job again by adding a few new features to Among the changes is the new Sneak function, much like DiggSpy. This feature has been asked for by the Pligg community for the longest time and it’s great to see that Ricardo has developed it because the Pligg team didn’t have this too high up on the to-do list. He has also added some new areas in the user profile that help add a bit of social networking to the profiles.


These are some exciting developments that I am going to work on adding into Pligg Beta 6. I hope you are all excited Beta 6 because it’s going to be pretty damn amazing.

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3 thoughts on “Meneame Sneak

  1. Wow, that looks pretty slick! It is much more fun to look at when the site is very busy though. On Digg, it is kind of mesmerizing when looking at the spy and realise so many people are doing that together… I am quite new to pligg, so I wonder± do you share code with meneame? In other words: will this be available for pligg as well?

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