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Somehow for the past several months it slipped by me that the Pligg forum has been requiring users to log in to a forum account to download anything from any of the forums. That was definitely not my intent, and I now understand some of the frustrations that I’ve heard from users about how the main Pligg download isn’t easy to access. This will be a lesson to me to be more careful about checking the small details, you would have thought that I would have learned through all of the bug testing I do with Pligg. Downloads in the forum have been straightened out, now you can download the latest version of Pligg without having to register for an account.

Not only can you get the latest version of Pligg, but now the Pligg Templates and Pligg Modules forums are open for download without registration so now you can get all the free templates and modules without having an account. Of course, if you want support you should register an account, and even consider registering just to receive important email updates if a security threat is discovered. I have decided tonight to retire the Downloads link from the top menu across the site because the forum downloads section wasn’t flexible enough to meet the needs of Pligg users. We no longer have a centralized file area, instead we will rely on forum thread attachments for downloads.

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2 thoughts on “Download Free-For-All

  1. Wow., this is a positive news now!.. If some good free templates work for 9.9.5 then i m donating some money to Pligg :) I loved the script but without a template it is waste for me.

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