Beta 6 Mock-Up

We’ve made some progress with Beta 6’s new template and we are really happy to present a mock-up of what Beta 6 might look like when it is completed. In it’s current form Beta 6 is pretty far off from this mock-up, but I am confident that we will be able to release something close to this image. The only feature that you will see in the image that might not make it into Beta 6 is the demote button. I haven’t really discussed the ability to allow negative voting for articles with AshDigg yet, but I’m sure it’s something that will probably come to be in the future of Pligg. The design is really “girly” right now, but the current color selection isn’t definite. Click on the image below to see a larger version.

Pligg Beta 6 Mock-Up

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think about the current template. Leave any ideas, suggestions, critiques and I will try to address them.

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7 thoughts on “Beta 6 Mock-Up

  1. Nice improvement on the design! It looks more mature, however, I am not a big fan of the pastel colours that seem to be all the rage with Web 2.0 sites. Also, it looks more heavy. The old design was simpler, no fuss. This design requires a bit of getting used to.

    There are two things I am not too sure about though:
    1) The article title and vote/demote bars are a bit too prominent, especially as they appear for each title. They feel a bit big, and I really liked the “old” vote design with a box or image next to the article.
    2) The “pligg for stories” and “submit a story” button are much less prominent on the page. I think those two functions make the site run, and in this design they don’t seem to invite people as much as they did on the previous design.

    But all in all, I like it as a great starting point to adjust it to whatever it is users want it to be. I can’t wait to see it in action.

  2. Thanks for the comments Arno. I agree that the vote and title area are a little too prominent in the design. I wanted to try for something different with the vote button. Every other vote site out there has a standard boxed vote button that seems to be a really worn out idea. I thought that I could try to break the mold by creating a long bar area for votes. If you have a better idea let me know. I also appreciate your idea about making the “Pligg for stories” and “submit a story”links pop out more, this is something I should have thought of during the design. I think that if I highlight those two buttons with some color it will do the job nicely.

  3. It seems a bit noisy so I’m with Arno above. I think part of the genius of thd digg model is that it requires very little from the readership to participate. Once you give someone a million options they kinda gap out and choose to do nothing instead.

    ++1 to making the submit/vote options more prominent as well.

  4. Just thinking out loud as I think this up:

    I agree that the vote box is done by every site with this concept. On the other hand; it works very well for me! And besides the tech community, aware of Digg, pligg-sites for other target-audiences will probably not be familiar with this, and not find it worn out. I am a bit here nor there on this one.

    One idea that popped in my mind is to have the article title in a larger, probably bold, font. Like it is in beta 5, and clickable. But, instead of opening the external link, open a frameset (or something similar) to open the external link, and provide a way of voting. Possibly some sort of “toolbar” along the top of the page for people to vote. That way you can get rid of the vote box if you like.

    Some discussion has been on Digg where people digg a story before they even read it, just to bookbark it and come back to it later. That is how I use digg also sometimes: digg stories that seem interesting, and later on get the RSS feed for my user and read the stories I dugg. But that is not really the idea behind it. So, by opening it in a window when the real article shows, and allowing users to vote there, it might work. You could also gather some info on how many times the link has been clicked through versus the amount of pliggs.

    But, to be honest: does something similar with opening external links in a page with a frameset and showing an topbar, and not everyone seems to like it. Also, if a page uses a script to bust out of the frameset, the user is away from your original pligg site…

    I am curious to see what others think…

  5. I have decided to rework the ttile and vote image tonight and combine it into one bar. I also agree with Arno’s idea bout opening external links in the same window. I know exaclty what I would like to do for this, but I believe that it would require some AJAX/javascript. I’ll post an example link tonight when I get back home and I have a bookmark to the site I want to refference. Expect a new mock-up image tonight.

  6. Just one thing I’d make the RSS logo’s standard through-out to cut down on confusion, like I’ve done on SpyMy use the common one now standard across Firefox and Internet Exploder.

    I’d only have demote button for admins/god

    Leave users with just the problem drop-down that gives the article negative karma according to the rating (dupe, lame, old etc).

    And have a way to unplug (the minus I assume)

    Also perhaps add in some of the suggestions I gave in the suggestions thread (latest comments feed, latest comments in side bar, stats etc).

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