Digg Updates, But Doesn’t Innovate

Yesterday Kevin posted about some new features on the official Digg blog. As I have mentioned in the past, Digg really hasn’t come out of it’s shell to offer great new abilities. Instead they tend to only make small improvements on what already exists. This new update is a perfect example. Perhaps the only update worth mentioning is the ability to report stories as being “inaccurate”. When enough users report a story as inaccurate the story will be removed from the que and a banner will be added to the top of the article saying that it is “under review”. This is probably Digg’s first real method for removing spam entries, but it is still inadequate. This new ability still could really wreak havoc on legitmate posts. Here’s what Digg’s Blog entry had to say:

Spy: Stories now start scrolling right away (no initial delay). We have also slowed down the refresh rate slightly.

Report stories as ‘inaccurate’: Digg now allows logged in users to bury stories as ‘inaccurate’. Once enough people bury the story, it is removed from the queue and the following banner is displayed at the top:

This is similar to the way Wikipedia marks entries that are potentially inaccurate.

Profanity filter: Logged in user now have the option to turn on a comment profanity filter (http://digg.com/users/username/profile).

Read the Digg Blog Entry Here

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