Pligg Pro 50% Off Fall 2012 Sale

For the rest of October 2012, we will be having a huge sale on Pligg Pro items. Take 50% off your Pligg Pro orders by using the coupon code FALL2012. Most items can now be had for under $10! This coupon code will expire on November 1st, so make sure that you take advantage of this awesome deal before it ends.

Sales from this week will go towards the development of Pligg 2 and help out the developer “Chuckroast” who is in need of your help to meet some financial obligations. Chuckroast has been a part of the Pligg CMS team for roughly 7 years now, and he is in need of your help. If you would like to help out Chuckroast more directly, you can donate to his Chipin campaign and read his personal appeal from the URL

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2 thoughts on “Pligg Pro 50% Off Fall 2012 Sale

  1. Is pligg about to go belly up or what?

    No news, no updates, nothing…

    What about the croudfunding, pligg 2.0 surely there must be something to update the community about?

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