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Today I spent my morning converting a script from the meneame.net version into pligg. The new External Vote Button (EVB) will allow users to post a vote image on their blogs, articles, etc. that will automatically create a vote link to a Pligg site. The vote button it is probably one of the coolest mods out for Pligg so far because it offers users a way to really interact with Pligg sites and easily post vote links on their personal sites.

Unfortunately I can’t post a working example of the EVB on the main blog page because WordPress doesn’t allow posting scripts. I have however integrated it into all of the single story URLs on the blog by adding a single line to the WordPress templating system. If you read this article at it’s specific URL you will see the example vote button at the bottom of the article just above the comment area. I will also work on integrating this with other CMS’, probably starting with Geeklog. It should be really simple to integrate this mod with most standard CMSs. Now that you read about it, give it a try and vote for this article on pligg.com using the Pligg button. To see how to integrate this mod with WordPress see this forum thread.

The blog no longer has the EVB’s since the install of the new template a few weeks ago.

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