Those familiar with Digg are usually familiar with the even more popular tech news site I have never really been a fan of Slashdot’s system for promoting stories through editors because I felt like it really limited the amount of news and would slow the ability for news to quickly get picked up by the public. The code originally used to create Slashdot has been publicly released with a GNU GPL.

The project’s name is Slashcode, and it’s so cold right now that you can pretty much consider it dead. The changelog doesn’t list any changes since 2003, which kind of proves why Slashdot is quickly becoming outdated. Luckily the documentation provided supplies users with enough information to install the code if you have a good amount of computer knowledge, but the code is far from a simple install script.

The reason I bring up this code is to demonstrate a proof of concept that Digg really shouldn’t have anything to fear by offering their code to the general public. Having a project like Pligg around really isn’t meant to replace Digg, it’s only meant to offer a new type of Content Managemnt System for users out there who are tired of so called “Web 1.0” web applications that offer very little user interraction besides the ability to post comments.

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