Pligg Want List and Beta 6

I thought it would be nice to update everyone about how far off we are from what I am hoping for to take the step to Beta 6. Here are my goals still left to be completed before we will hit the next Beta release.

  • User Avatars/Photos
  • User RSS Feeds
  • Tags / Folksonomy (ability to turn on/off)
  • Spam Protection (ban user, ban IP, etc.)
  • Ability to physically delete stories, rather than discard
  • New Pligg Template
  • Second navbar at the top of the page for custom links
  • Threaded Comments
  • Ping Blog Aggregators
  • Better Search Capabilities. Search by category, search partial words (ex. “tag” search would also show “tagging”)
  • Firefox Pligg Plugin
  • BlogIt! Feature
  • Weighted vote system (karma)

I know that Ash is working on the tagging system now. I was working on the template heavily a while ago, but I became ill for a full week and stopped working on it for a while. I will try to devote some time to work on the template this weekend, but once again I will mention that I would greatly appreciate any help. Until we tackle at least the bolded goals above we will continue to consider all releases Beta 5.x.

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One thought on “Pligg Want List and Beta 6

  1. 1. It will be useful to be able to see the users who voted for a story, this way you can detect spammers who register under different names and voting multiple times.

    2. In the active users list (or in the admin panel) it will be nice to have a list of users sorted by registration date.

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