More Features = Good

On today’s blog post I am going to go over why exactly Pligg came about and what exactly Pligg is all about. Many people ask me “why do you want to just copy”? I try to explain to them that I don’t want to copy Digg’s format and style, Digg is pretty good for what it is. Digg has been promising features and really doesn’t fulfill on many. The few times that you see something new appear on digg, it’s a minor and tiresome idea that really doesn’t add much to the site. Some of the simplest changes, like adding more categories and preventing mass spam, have been ignored by the admins. The video posted below is taken from a dignation video back in August of ’05. Many diggers were excited to hear of the possibility of a new “video” category where you could post video links. Unfortunately it was only speculation and nothing came of it.

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Digg has been lacking in new features, which will eventually come back to kick them in the ass if they don’t start listening to customer feedback. That’s why I believe in the Pligg project so much. Making the Pligg software open to the public to add to and improve upon not only will make the software more secure, but it will help us develop sites with plenty of user input and features. I encourage everyone who has experimented with Pligg software, through either installing it or visiting a site using it, to please give us suggestions on our forum. It’s our (non-paying) job to listen to what you have to say and do something about it. I don’t want Pligg to ever settle as being “good enough”, Pligg should always be striving to be better. It’s this need for constant need for improvement through user input that seperates us from Digg in the end.

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