New Forum Category: Integration

A lot of Pliggers have been calling for some integration scripts to be written to share user information with existing web software. To help organize the future development of integrated Pligg versions and mods I have created a new “Integration” category containing 6 sub-forums. Three of the most popular forum scripts are at the top of the list, followed by two of my favorite Content Management Systems (CMS). The final sub-forum is “Other“, where you can suggest an additional sub-forum or just post any general questions about integration.

New Forums:

While I’m at it writing this post, I thought that I should mention that I have been sick all of this weekend and I haven’t had a moment to work on Pligg’s template. This means that Beta 6’s new template may be put off a bit longer. I am considering putting together a simple template for Beta 6 and making the bigger move to what I have been working on with the Beta 7 release.

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