What to Expect with Pligg 2

There has been a lot of interest in Pligg 2.0 since we announced its development a couple months ago, and we are excited to see the feedback being posted by users on the Pligg Demo site. Currently the Pligg Demo is the only page where you can see Pligg 2 in action, but we hope to open up the beta testing to more users in the near future. In the meantime we wanted to address some common questions and list some interesting new features in Pligg 2.

First, let’s talk about features. Pligg 2 is going to have some major updates to bring it up to speed with some of the latest trends. If we were to try to list out all of the new features and bug fixes, this page would seemingly go on for ages so here is an abbreviated list of some of the features we are most excited about.

  • Responsive Design. We want to present a beautiful browsing experience no matter what device you are viewing the site on. The Bootstrap-based front end and admin templates will accommodate computer, tablet, and mobile screens.
  • Up + Down Voting. The new default voting method for Pligg is through up and down buttons.
  • Infinite Scrolling. Why lose visitors by making them click through pagination links to continue reading? The new infinite scrolling feature (optional) will automatically load the next page’s content when you approach the bottom of a page.
  • Multiple Level Commenting. Continue the discussion with as many levels of sub-comments that you need.
  • Comment Permalinks. Similar to Reddit.com, you can now link to the start of a specific comment thread.
  • Improved User Profiles. User profile pages will now feature Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest links.
  • Change Authors. Want to attribute an article to another member? Edit the author from the edit story page.
  • Maintenance Mode. Similar to WordPress’ method, display a message to non-admin users when you need to temporarily bring your site down for maintenance.
  • Password Reset Method. Pligg now emails you a link so that you can choose the new password when you forget it.
  • Greatly Improved Admin Panel. Expect a future blog entry detailing the many changes made to the Admin Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pligg 2

Q. When will I be able to download Pligg 2 to try it out myself?

A. Right now we are working on a few more major features, and also fixing known bugs. The list is still pretty extensive and at last count there are around 80 items left to be addressed. At this point we have invested roughly 750 development hours on Pligg 2 and we believe that we are are about 70% of the way to releasing the first beta version.

We don’t want to provide an exact date for a beta release, but we hope that it will be out before the end of September.

Q. Will I be able to upgrade from Pligg 1.x to Pligg 2?

A. Absolutely! We are making sure that Pligg 1.x databases will be able to upgrade to Pligg 2. We have to be honest though and warn users that due to the number of new features being added to Pligg 2, upgrading your template files will probably be a pain. We highly recommend that you re-skin your site based on the new Bootstrap template files.

Q. Is Pligg 2.0 rewritten from scratch?

A. No, Pligg 2.0 will be a major upgrade to Pligg 1.0’s code base. This means that if you’re experienced with the code from Pligg 1 you shouldn’t have an issue understanding Pligg 2. Similarly, templates designed for Pligg 1 should be able to be upgraded to Pligg 2 without having to start from a blank slate.

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21 thoughts on “What to Expect with Pligg 2

  1. Most 1.x modules should continue to work with Pligg 2. The only change that may be necessary is some user level checking, since we have renamed the “god” user level class to “admin” and the old “admin” to “moderator”. We are going to update many older modules to make sure that they both work and are styled correctly for the new Bootstrap template.

  2. In the language file is a “ltr” variable that most RTL languages already have changed to “rtl”. This is applied to the tag telling it what direction to render the text.

    It doesn’t mirror everything (For example the votbox doesn’t switch from the left side to the right), but most content will be flip-flopped for RTL languages.

  3. Thank you for your work, i think in future and with all the updates the pligg CMS will have great impact on the web.
    In 2.1 pligg version I would like to see more AJAX loading like twitter to enhance user experience, more modular backend design (core php, module php and template php) and Worpress-like templates, meaning that you can put your own functions to template (functions.php in WP).

  4. A great function or module to have in mind for v 2.0 is a live feed in the sidebaR, working in the same way as the standard one on the “live” page. :)

  5. Hello,
    We are an educational institution looking to set up a pligg-powered social bookmarking.
    We would really appreciate if could advise us how to get a custom-made template similar to Bootstrap framework.
    If you have contact details of Bootstrap we would love to get in touch w/ them regarding development work
    Thank you
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  6. Would love to support the further development of Pligg 2.0. Waiting for the kickstarter project! Otherwise, you’ve done a good job so far.

  7. Treat the fighting with spam bot as the first priority upgrade!

    I had a very small site running 1.2, usually it had about 10 bot registrations at the past. once I implemented an extra verification check in function register_check_errors() (asking visitor to enter a word), spam bot signup was reduced at least 90% and had only 1 or 2 bot registrations occasionally.

    The funny thing is, I decide to dump my site and comment the function register_add_user() in register.php to prevent any new registration, however I still receive bot registration sometimes, which means the bot can spam the site even without register.php file.

    So, pligg should completely rewrite the registration process.

  8. Today, is September 27th. It would be greatful if you could release the BETA version of Pligg 2.0 to the public, so that we can do the testing on a much wider scale.

  9. Hey Pligg team :-)
    Was just wondering, is there any status/updates on how Pligg 2.0 is moving forward, are we close to a release.

    Thanks for an amazing cms system!

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