Pligg Spam, Ban and Delete

I would appreciate if someone took this on and developed this as a side project:
I have been noticing quite a bit of spam already on, one user particularly has been spamming stories a couple times a day and I’m really tired of setting the status of their stories as “discard”. We currently have no ability to completely remove a story from the database, which is a bummer because we can’t completely remove a story from the site yet. My plea for someone out there with php skills and some free time is for a method for physically removing a message from the database.

It is also necessary to start thinking about spam prevention and the ability to ban spammers. A spam system is something far off in the future probably for Pligg, but a simple ban solution should begin development soon. I think that we could have an effective ban system that will allow the admin to send a warning for minor problems and IP ban users who continually spam, flame or do anything dumb. If you have any suggestions or ideas about any of these three topics please leave a comment and I’ll try to address your comment in the future.

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One thought on “Pligg Spam, Ban and Delete

  1. This was the reason I asked about adding CAPTCHA to the story submission process in the forums. Pligg incorporates CAPTCHA for new user sign ups, but not for new story submissions. It may not be the preferred spam-prevention method, but IMHO, it’s the best option for keeping automated spam off Pligg sites in the near future. I hope you can incorporate it into Beta 6.

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