Smarty, Tagging, and SourceForge

I find it hilarious that a templating system named Smarty can make me feel so dumb. I believe that I have finished the top and bottom code for the new template, but everything in the middle is iffy. When I think that I have solved one problem, another problem pops up. I spent a small amount of time today trying to get a small amount of template finished and by the end of the night I am further behind from where I started. I added a new story and it somehow screwed up my layout on the front page. I was able to fix part of it, but now my sidebar is back down below where it shouldn’t be.

I swear that the code will sometimes fix itself because there have been a few instances where something doesn’t work, I edit the code… it still doesn’t work… then I hit edit undo and it works again. I really want to get this template finished so I can work on a few more templates that are just tweaked versions of the final layout. I would also like to get around to adding some code that meneame now includes, including a tagging script.

Since I brough up tagging, I think it’s important that I talk about what I would like to see with Pligg. Lots of people hate tags from the bottom of their hearts, which I kind of agree with. I think that having words tagged onto articles makes it appear really tacky and only clutters a page. At the same time, the ability to categorize with keywords is really valuable. It could really help when users are searching for a specific topic, and help weight the searches. I would like to make it so that when using the Pligg search bar it will weight the search results so that items tagged with the word appear higher up on the search results. I think this would make the search function much more useful and accurate.

Right now my main concern is the Smarty template. I could really use a second or third person familiar with Smarty and CSS to assist me so that we can finally move on to our new template. While I’m requesting help, we could use a couple PHP coders to help out Ash. Ash took over the project so that we could start tracking bugs and distributing the code through their site. Hopefully being on SF will help find us a couple dedicated coders to help the project grow.

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