Beta Test 2.0 on Pligg Demo

We’ve begun the first phase of beta testing by updating the Pligg Demo website to a preview version of Pligg 2.0. The demo site is now a way for users to contribute ideas as well as bug reports through the Pligg submission process.

Bootstrap on Pligg Demo

The next phase of testing will include an open beta, where users will be able to download a development build of Pligg 2.0 to install on their own websites. We are currently addressing some major bugs and features that need to be fixed before we proceed to that step. As we suggested in the previous blog entry, please subscribe to this forum thread so that you will be alerted via email when we progress with the 2.0 development. That way you can be among the first members to test out the next major version of Pligg CMS.

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17 thoughts on “Beta Test 2.0 on Pligg Demo

  1. Hi!
    I like Pligg and I’d really appreciate if I could become a beta tester ASAP and help its staff to fix all bugs and make it more sensual … I’m going to create social bookmark website soon!

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