Pligg 2.0 – Beta Testers Needed

We have decided to shake things up and refresh Pligg CMS with the next release and are in need of some beta testers to help us test development builds as we preview Pligg 2.0. The next generation of Pligg CMS will be using the same back-end PHP base from the 1.0 series, but the front end design will be drastically changed as we switch over to a template based on Twitter’s Bootstrap project.

One of the great things about using Bootstrap, is that it is well documented through their project website. There are many examples of different HTML elements, scaffolding layouts, and JavaScript effects that are built into the project. The new template for Pligg, which is based on Bootstrap, is roughly 35% of the way complete. We are very excited about some of the changes made not only to the style but also to the functionality of Pligg CMS. One of these featured changes will be a switch from the standard up-vote method to an up/down voting system similar to Reddit or the latest version of Digg.

We are also taking this opportunity to update the admin panel template to a Bootstrap-based design. This will allow us to address some limitations that we have discovered since our initial admin panel design that was introduced in Pligg 1.0. The new admin panel will have a left sidebar to allow modules and future updates to add content without the current horizontal menu space restrictions. We will also be changing up some of the JavaScript used in the admin panel and front end template to take advantage of Bootstrap’s built-in jQuery effects.

This coming update is going to be a big one, and as such we will need to be extra careful about testing it before releasing it to the general public. That’s where you, the beta testers come in. We could use a few dedicated forum members to help us out by testing out the latest version. You can do this by either viewing the official demo page (in the near future), or by hosting your own copy of a development build to test out the admin panel. If you discover a bug or if you want to suggest a new feature, submit it to the Pligg demo website. If you want to be alerted when we are ready for testing, please subscribe to this forum post for email updates.

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27 thoughts on “Pligg 2.0 – Beta Testers Needed

  1. I would like to test it out. I have two pligg sites, and if 2.0 is VERY beta, i could always test out on a subdomain.

  2. I would like to participate the Beta testing.

    Are the Beta builds available for download for the testers? That way, it will also be tested on different hosting environments.

  3. Hello, I’ll be very proud to join the beta test group, I can help testing functionality, design and translating to Brazilian Portuguese.

  4. i would love to try out the 2.0 beta. lately i have started looking for alternatives to my pligg site, since i started to loose the feeling for what i could do with it, and what users could do with it.

    but i really love the pligg idea, and what it has taught me. i have learned alot from the forums and from spending countless hours modifying my site.

    Hope to one of the lucky ones that gets to test out the beta.


  5. I would love to be a beta tester for the next version. I was just getting ready to install the last version on a server for a client. How soon is this going to start?

  6. Hi! I would like to be the part of your beta testers team! Also I can help in translation to 3 of Central European Languages, if you’re interested.

  7. Im am very experienced in Computer software and programming and can help specify bugs and improvements in almost any software to join your group of beta testers would be a pleasure I can also help with fixing bugs.

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