Pligg Forum Improvements

About a week ago we temporarily took the forums online to upgrade vBulletin, the software that powers our bulletin board. We did this mainly to combat a growing spam problem, but the upgrade also comes with a number of new features that we have implemented. Some of the upgrades will be familiar features that have been updated, while others provide all new tools to improve the forums.

New Features and Fixes:

  1. New mobile version of the forums
  2. The Pligg Gallery is back online! Sign in with your forum user details and submit your unique Pligg designs for others to vote on.
  3. Leave feedback for members through a rating system that is similar to Ebay. If you deal with a forum member who offers a commercial service or product, we highly recommend that you leave a review.
  4. Log in using your traditional forum username OR your email address
  5. We now offer Facebook user integration for faster registrations and logins
  6. Improved downloads section for official Pligg CMS releases
  7. Avatars are now powered by Gravatar. Don’t have a Gravatar yet? Either sign up for one, or a unique MonsterID will be automatically generated for you.
  8. Unsubscribe from email alerts with one click. Want to do that now? Click here. This will prevent us from sending you update alerts via email when new versions of Pligg are released.
  9. Are you a module or template developer? Accept Paypal donations for your hard work.
  10. Securely store Pligg and FTP login information in your profile, which admins will be able to view for support purposes
  11. We’ve replaced the old Wiki system with something we call “The Glossary“. Glossary entries can be edited by any registered user to help improve our documentation. We’re working hard on adding new articles every day
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