Pligg Job Board

Today we’ve added a new section to the site to help connect job providers with Pligg developers. I have had dozens of requests for custom Pligg work, but unfortunately I am unable to take on any of the projects because I have a full schedule. I also see new threads popping up in the forum with similar proposals for freelance work and I thought that there should be a better way. The new job board provides a very easy way for recruiting candidates for your Pligg project and targets users who have a very specific expertise and interest. Rather than submitting a job to another site where you might have to pay a listing fee and are attracting users who might not have any experience with Pligg, listing a job on Pligg Jobs is a simple two step process.
  • Step 1: Submit a job proposal with details about what you are looking for.
  • Step 2: Confirm the listing via email (only the first time you make a listing) and receive a second link to edit or disable your job listing.
For job providers it really couldn’t be any easier finding the right person to take on the job. Once you have set up your listing you will receive an email with each applicant’s information and resume that you can use to select the right candidate. And if you later decide to remove your listing for whatever reason, it is just a “Deactivate it” link away. You can use the job board to hire a freelancer for a one-item contract job for something like integration with another CMS, or you can even use the board to find a full-time or part-time employee for longer projects.Job applicants have it even easier than the providers, because applying for a job is only one click away. When viewing a page that interests you click on the “Apply now” button and fill in the information it asks for and press submit. Getting a job as a freelancer has never been this easy before has it? To see an explanation of how Pligg Jobs work check out the video above, or go try it out for yourself.
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