Pligg Widget Contest Winners

A very long time ago, we announced a contest for Pligg Widget designers. The top 3 widget authors would win some awesome prizes including an Amazon Kindle, external hard drive, and thumb drive. Over time we forgot about the contest, but were recently reminded of it. Today we are happy to announce the winners.

In first place, and winner of an Amazon Kindle, is Sirwanme’s Last Logged In Users widget. This brilliant widget will display users who recently logged into your website. Not only does it show when they logged in, but Sirwanme went the extra mile and made it so that members who have registered in the last week show up in red. Hovering over each user’s last login time brings up even more details about the user including their email address, registration timestamp, and IP address.

The second place widget goes to Sansui’s Pligg Shortcut widget. While the first two tabs of this widget prove useful, it’s the third one that lets you send a message to all of your site’s members that I find to be most useful.

In third place is Lowster11 for his Alexagraph widget. This widget displays a graph from displaying your estimated traffic from the past several months. When installing this widget you will need to edit a line in one of the widget’s template files to define your domain, but it is still pretty simple to setup.

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