Pligg Featured Advertisers

A few days ago I updated OpenX, the script that we use on to manage advertisements. Formerly (last week) it was known as OpenAds, and a less than a year ago it was known as phpAdsNew. Today after checking the stats to make sure that everything was tracking correctly I decided to crunch some quick numbers to figure out how much the featured sites are paying per click on average. Based on the last three days of statistics, it turns out that monthly advertisers are paying about 0.095 cents per click, and half year advertisers are paying around 0.069 cents per click. I bring up these statistics because we’d love to earn some more advertisers. Our rates currently are $2.20/day for 6 month advertisers and $3/day for 1 month advertisers. Each advertiser receives an account to check their stats online along with weekly emails that include daily details for each days statistics.Learn more about becoming a Featured Pligg Site here.
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