New Pligg Beta 9.9.0

Happy 2008 everyone! It’s a new year, and what better way to kick it off by releasing the long awaited Pigg Beta 9.9.0 I’ll leave the technical stuff to the change log but I’m sure you will agree this is the best version of Pligg yet. Besides a slew of core improvements and a multitude of bug fixes, the first thing you will notice is a slight change to the installation process. We are rolling out a language fetching feature to the installation process. This will allow you to select a language, then the installer will connect to the Pligg servers to download the most up to date language pack.Another new addition is Template Management. This will allow you to download and install templates instantly. You can also repackage templates for distribution much easier.Some other great features included in this version are the addition of the Akismet anti-spam, and new Captcha module for registrations which allows for different types of Captcha methods to be used. Agree-to-Terms allows you to set up a user agreement upon registration.We would like to thank everyone that made 2007 a great year for Pligg and we promise that 2008 will be the best year yet!
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