Pligg Pro Corrupted Downloads Fixed

The title of this entry still has yet to be tested, but I think that I have finally solved a common issue with Pligg Pro downloadables. A handful of users were reporting corrupted zip files that they were unable to open. At first I thought that it was the compression software that I was using on my Mac to compress files, but after a user reported the same problem with a product that ChuckRoast packaged we figured out that it was an issue with the shop. The server is based out of Texas where I believe that downloadable goods are taxed and we were thought we had a brilliant idea to get around this by putting the downloadable products on a separate server in California. I believe that this configuration was what was causing the products to become corrupted during the download phase for a few users. We now have gone back to serving the products from the server and I am hoping this will fix the problem. If anyone continues to have issues with Pligg Pro downloads being corrupted please leave a message and I will address the problem as quickly as possible.
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One thought on “Pligg Pro Corrupted Downloads Fixed

  1. I thought there was a moratorium on internet taxes? Ohh, wait, its sales tax, which already exists. But…Well, I’m not a lawyer so never mind. But glad to hear the problem is resolved.

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