Buy Pligg Templates, Modules and Services at Pligg Pro

The Pligg Pro shop is the official spot to get Pligg Templates, Modules and Services. Many of the items in the shop are developed by the creators of Pligg, and a percentage of each sale goes toward further development of the Pligg Content Management System.In an effort to promote quality work on the Pligg Pro shop and to encourage the expansion of free downloads we require that all developers who sell work on Pligg Pro have donated modifications, modules or templates to the Pligg Forum. The Pligg Pro shop has been designed to give committed Pligg developers an incentive to keep developing. All items submitted to Pligg Pro will be reviewed based upon the developers standing in the Pligg community and by the quality of the work. Pligg Pro also will work to negotiate fair and honest prices for the shop. If you are interested in becoming a developer, please contact us using our developer signup form.
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3 thoughts on “Buy Pligg Templates, Modules and Services at Pligg Pro

  1. Just FYI, I bought a template through your Pro shop, but Mac cannot unzip the file. It worked okay on a Win XP system, though.

  2. I heard similar complaints from another Mac user who was using UnrarX. Three of the templates were originally compressed using StuffIt Deluxe, but I believe that I re-compressed all of the effected templates with Windows and re-uploaded them to fix this issue. I’m going to switch to compressing either on Windows or another Mac program to prevent this from happening with future downloads. Out of curiousity, what program were you using to unzip the files?

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