The Pligg Demo is Back Online!

After months of not having an ‘out of the box’ Pligg CMS demo available for users to try out, we have finally brought the site back online! Now you can test drive Pligg CMS and even log in as an admin level user to view the Pligg Admin Panel and perform admin tasks like editing articles, comments, and users.

Log in with the username “admin” and password “pligg” to preview Pligg’s admin user capabilities. For a more standard user experience, you can log in to the user account “demo” with the password “pligg”. You can find these login details and other information about the demo on the Demo’s About page.

The demo is set to reset itself every half hour. Any changes made will be lost after this reset, so make sure that you pay attention to the timer that appears on both the main site and Admin Panel.

The new Demo website is sponsored by, who generously donated a VPS account for us to host the demo website on. After spending a week on their system setting up the new demo website, I can happily recommend A2Hosting as an affordable and Pligg capable web host. They even offer a ‘no-click’ Pligg CMS installation service, which we haven’t had a chance to try out yet.

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