Pligg Pro Shop Price and Support Changes

Tonight we have made a significant change to the Pligg Pro shop. Fellow developer Chuckroast and I (Yankidank) came to a decision that the number of hours that we were spending fixing user errors was becoming a problem. Many people purchasing modules were not reading the provided support documents or viewing videos that we provide on the product pages that demonstrate setting up and configuring modules or templates. Too many support tickets were being added and it was no longer economical for us to spend so much time working on these unnecessary support tickets.

That’s what lead us to a brilliant idea. We have decided to no longer offer support as part of the Pligg Pro product package. Instead we will be offering an installation service as an add-on for most products. On the product page you will see a checkbox for “Installation”. When you check this box, it will add $10 to your order and a Pligg developer will handle the installation and basic configuration of your product. This will eliminate any possibility for user error, and helps compensate the developer for their time.

Facebook Install

If you choose to use the Pligg developer installation option, you will need to fill in all of the fields on your Pligg Pro Account page so that we will have access to your FTP and Pligg login credentials. Make sure to do this shortly after placing an order so that we can install the products as quickly as possible. Once we have your order and login credentials we should have the product installed in less than 2 business days (usually on the same day).

Pligg Pro My Account

Because we are no longer offering support as a service included with your product purchase, we have significantly discounted the prices on nearly every item in the shop. You will see prices 10-20% lower than their previous cost. This makes items even more affordable for those who are willing to install an item on their own.

How will this affect purchases placed before March 23, 2011?

Anyone who placed an order prior to March 23 will be qualified for the previous support methods. We stand by our original pledge to give you support for free if you ordered items before this policy change.

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