Pligg Donors Rejoice!

I spent some time this evening going over what was causing problems with donors not being credited automatically like they did months ago. After looking into the problem I quickly realized that I had made a big mistake that had gone unnoticed for months. At some point I had installed two separate Paypal donation plugins for vBulletin and somehow never noticed. I didn’t realize until tonight that the plugins were separate and thus the features of the two are not combined, so I had to choose one plugin over the other. I chose to go with the more simple plugin, which is visually less attractive and has fewer features than the other.The donation process will now operate correctly and add your username to the list of donors and automatically move you into the ad-free usergroup for the forum. Sorry to previous donors who will not be credited on the donor list, there is no easy way of importing the data into this plugin. Previous donors will however still be moved into the ad-free usergroup, but this will have to be done manually by me. If you have donated $10 or more in the past, please send a private message to Yankidank and I will take care of moving you into the correct usergroup ASAP.
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