New Forum Look: vbFraxi

Today we are introducing a new look for the Pligg Forum. Now the forum matches the rest of the site, by adapting the Fraxi template used on the homepage and blog. The new template was coded by the good folks at Moonrank USA, and designed by myself (Yankidank). The templates were paid for by our generous donors, and to thank them we have removed all advertisements from the template for any registered forum member donors. It’s not too late though for those of you who have not yet donated, submit a donation of $10 or more and reap the benefits. Check out the images below to see what the new forum looks like, or view the forum for yourself and register if you haven’t already.vBulletin Fraxi Template Fraxi Classifieds Fraxi DownloadsFraxi Live Fraxi Post Fraxi Profile Fraxi Wiki
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2 thoughts on “New Forum Look: vbFraxi

  1. Is there any particular reason why decided against making the new themes on the mainpage, blog and forums not comply with w3c standards as there are lots of XHTML errors, The CSS is not valid either guys i would get moonrank is back to work ASAP as it’s a half finished job by them.

    Hopefully you haven’t paid moonrank in full yet if you have that’s unfortunate but happens to all sites at one time or another, where you pay for a service that isnt up to standard. A good tip is to pay developers in installments with the last being paid on delivery and satisfaction of a job well done.

    Nice new look though :)

  2. Show me a single site that used Pligg 9.6 and could make it XHTML compliant? There are issues like open Img tags and absmiddle ( AFAIR some codes were produced from PHP files in libs folder so no template could make them XHTML compliant. Did you ever see invalid CSS files used in different Pligg modules? One example is thickbox.css. Before running some validation robot, think how the site was built.

    I have no idea idea of Moonrank but I am big fan of Pligg site. We do not expect someone be so direct without any Pligg knowledge.

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