Pligg Wiki 2.0

Last week we shut down the old Pligg Wiki because of a large amount of spam that the moderators were not able to keep up with. To make up for the short Wiki downtime we are announcing the brand new Pligg Wiki 2.0. The new wiki system integrates with vBulletin, allowing registered forum members to edit wiki articles and even post comments. The new wiki operates much like a normal forum, so it is easy to create new Wiki pages and browse and edit the existing pages. I have already added several pages from our old forum to the new wiki and some of those articles appear with a “Reserved for future use” message at the top. I plan to include video tutorials in this area for many of the articles.One of the great features of the new wiki is that you are able to create a “book”. This lets you link wiki articles together like chapters in a book, allowing wiki readers to read articles in order. This is great when several wiki articles share the same category and should be read in a linear fashion.Now that we have a brand new wiki, please do me a favor and help us out by contributing. All you need is a Pligg Forum account.
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