The (Old) Wiki is Dead to Me

Even after spending a considerable amount of time yesterday cleaning up spam links and even adding some additional content to the Pligg Wiki I have decided to pull the plug on it. Today I signed on and saw that there was a significant amount of spam added since my visit a day earlier. We have been looking for software to replace the wiki for a while now, but there doesn’t seem to be a nice package offered for vBulletin users. The MediaWiki platform has not only a horrible interface, few customizable options, and a generic template thats difficult to change, but it has basically no spam protection. The wiki’s contents will be copied prior to taking it down so that we could post it elsewhere when we find a better system. It looks that it might be a while before we find a better method for posting this type of content, but I’m too frustrated with removing huge amounts of spam daily to allow this to continue. The wiki will probably be taken down in about a week, so this post is just a heads up and a place for you to voice your opinion if you are against this decision.If you know of an alternative to MediaWiki that preferably integrates with vBulletin and offers a decent administrative panel please let me know in the comments section of this article.*UPDATE* Please see the article “Pligg Wiki 2.0” to learn about the new Pligg Wiki.
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5 thoughts on “The (Old) Wiki is Dead to Me

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  2. Drupal has a Wiki module and has much better spam control.
    Or you can use the “Book” facility that comes included from scratch.

    Give it a try ;)

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