Thanksgiving Updates

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This holiday season we will be celebrating our 5th year of development for Pligg CMS and we are excited about the amount of progress made over the past 18 months. Our previous release introduced some new features related to user Karma scores and a ranking system, and the next version of Pligg will make use of those Karma scores in a new voting method that is Karma weighted. More information on this update will be covered in a future blog article, but for now lets go over some equally exciting news… Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

This Friday (November 26, 2010), we will be celebrating Black Friday online through the Pligg Pro shop. We will be offering several of our latest and most popular items for sale at a reduced price between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Prices will be reduced on select items Friday, and those prices will stick until Monday when we have our extended sale. On Monday some of the prices from Friday through Sunday will be re-adjusted to their normal prices, while other items will be decreased to a sale price for Monday only. Make sure to check out the sale starting on Friday and again on Monday. No coupon codes will be needed to receive some of the biggest discounts to date on some of the most popular items.

Just a reminder that the Pligg Widget design competition is still running. So far there are 9 free widgets found on the forum, I am hoping to commence voting for the best widget once we achieve 15 submissions. If you want to get your hands on an Amazon Kindle, or some other high tech gear, take a couple hours to design a Pligg Widget and you will be eligible to win!

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One thought on “Thanksgiving Updates

  1. Hi guys!
    I’m proud to use your CMS for my new social news website. I just use this software since 2 weeks and I’m so satisfacted. I will keep on using it and support your community!

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