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I wanted to fill everyone in on what’s going on behind the scenes at because a lot of readers and Pligg users have been concerned about where Pligg might be headed. What most of you have been asking me are two things, the first being “why are you trying to sell Pligg”? The simplest answer I can give is that Pligg has been very difficult to manage with such a small team with a limited amount of time available to maintain the project. Not only does it take a lot of time to squash bugs and develop new features for the code, but keeping up with the forum takes a lot of time too. We also feel that at this point we have outgrown the foundation that we started with over a year and a half ago. I would like to completely redo the site and staff a full time developer, but we are not fortunate to do that at this point. I think that by selling the site we are able to hand over the project to someone better equipped to handle these things. Seeing that Pligg is one of the most popular content management system’s out there today, I have no doubt that it will have a bright future with whomever takes it over. We have been in talks with a few investors, but I’m waiting another month to make sure that all investors have had an opportunity to pitch their idea and get a bid in. From what I’ve discussed with the current bidders, Pligg will greatly benefit from new ownership.Possibly the question I’ve received the most during this sale price is “does the sale include the Pligg code”? A lot of people have approached us interested in buying the code along with the site, and many bloggers have written assuming that we were trying to include the code in the sale. Pligg is open source and will remain open source, however if a buyer were to invest enough money we would be willing to consider writing fresh code as originally intended for Pligg 2.0. This new code would be handed to the buyer so that they would have the option to license it however they want, open source or not. Giving our lead developer a chance to write Pligg code full-time is one of the goals I have for selling His knowledge and familiarity with Pligg would make him a valuable asset to the buyer and this would give him an opportunity to write better code, resulting a better content management system. I believe that most buyers are wanting to keep the code open source no matter what because of the many benefits of having a larger audience that open source brings.If anyone has any questions about the Pligg sale, please contact Yankidank by way of a Pligg Forum PM. I would be glad to answer any questions from potential buyers, and even fill in bloggers with more details about the sale or Pligg in general.
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  1. Pligg certainly deserves a place in web history as it basically enabled thousands of websites to emulate the functionality of D**g without the development costs. I hope development is able to continue without legal missteps and everyone is happy with the future that the present Pligg management envisions for the product at this time.

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