The NEW External Vote Button!

The new External Vote Button Module for Pligg CMS makes marketing your Pligg site easier than ever. The module has been rewritten from scratch and is now based on JavaScript, CSS, and PHP code. The result is an EVB that is easy to customize, upgrade, and integrate with third-party websites.

I’ve prepared a video demonstrating the EVB module which you can view below. It’s a lengthy video, but it covers a lot of information. Many questions can also be answered by looking at a screenshot of the EVB settings panel. The module’s settings page has a lot of documentation that explains how to customize the module and examples on how to embed it.

As many of you know, the EVB module is currently being held hostage for a ransom of $200. So far we have made nearly half of that and I am hoping that we are on schedule to break $200 before the deadline. If we do not receive enough donations before the time is up the module will not be made freely available and we will list it in the Pligg Pro shop. If you would like to make sure that the module becomes public domain, please consider making a donation to Pligg CMS.

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10 thoughts on “The NEW External Vote Button!

  1. If you really want this to fly, the only thing that’s needed is someone to submit this to digg and vote for it, so that it gets promoted to the front page. The $ 200 mark would then definitely be exceeded.

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