External Vote Button Has Been Taken Hostage!

We’ve been driven to the brink of insanity, and we’re starting to take hostages! Our first victim is the External Vote Button (EVB), a module for Pligg that allows you to embed a JavaScript button on third party websites where members of your site can see how many votes an article from an external website has received and cast their own vote. The button is also used to speed up the submission process and makes submitting new stories to your site easier by automating part of the process.

EVB Hostage!

We’ve taken this feature hostage because it’s been a while since our last donation drive, and we’re desperate for the money. So desperate that we might pull the trigger and kill this feature, or at least put it for sale in the Pligg Pro shop in the near future. If we don’t receive $200 worth of donations soon we’ll go bonkers and make this a premium-only feature. Don’t make us do it man!

Whatever you do, don’t call the cops! We don’t want this getting messy. Now hurry up and send us some cash in small unmarked Paypal credits.

If you haven’t noticed already, we are now using the External Vote Button on all of the Pligg.com blog posts. The button appears on the top left of all stories. If you are logged in to the Pligg Demo, you can vote on that article. More information regarding the new module will be coming out in the next few days. If you make a donation of $10 or more before October 29th while logged into a Pligg.com account you will receive the module for free.

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16 thoughts on “External Vote Button Has Been Taken Hostage!

  1. Nice! But honestly I would prefer to make you a donation to finish the automatic karma update.
    Any news about that?

  2. Great news Eric :) As soon as i put my hands on the Karma module you can count on that. I’m waiting for it to promote a contest on a pligg based website that is not yet online ;) I want to promote the new site with that contest.

  3. If you would make the EVB a priority and get it working quickly, I’d be willing to chip in $200 by myself, I have actually been thinking about paying someone to do it for me since I consider it total insanity NOT to have this as a standard feature.

    Do you have any deadlines on this? Give me some more info, and I just might pull out my VISA…

  4. Eric

    So which means member (or anyone) of my pligg site can put this EVB on their sites (blogs) just like FB share and Digg?


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