2010 Open Source CMS Awards Nominations

Packt publishing, who I am currently developing a Pligg CMS book for, has recently announced a call for nominations for this year’s Open Source CMS Awards. This is your second opportunity this week to WIN AN AMAZON KINDLE! By nominating or voting for your favorite Open Source project (a.k.a. Pligg CMS), you will be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon Kindle! What better way to read the upcoming Pligg CMS book?

Last year Pligg CMS received the runner up prize for the “Most Promising Open Source CMS” category. This year we hope to earn the top place as the Most Promising Open Source Project. In order for us to achieve that goal we need everyone to nominate Pligg CMS. That means you, your friends, your grandma, that creepy guy who walks his small dog past your house way too often….. everyone! If they have an internet connection, we want their vote! So spread the word by posting an alert on Twitter and Facebook.

RT: @pligg Enter to win a Kindle by nominating Pligg CMS for the Open Source Awards! #packt – http://bit.ly/VotePligg

Please take a few seconds to nominate Pligg CMS as the Most Promising Open Source Project. If you are feeling extra-generous we would also appreciate your nomination as your Favorite Open Source CMS. Nominations close September 17, so cast your vote soon!

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3 thoughts on “2010 Open Source CMS Awards Nominations

  1. I was blown away when I first discovered Pligg. Now I fill my days evangelizing to the world on the power of Pligg and recommending it to my clients.


    Robert Murdoch
    Urban Folk Communications

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