Beta 9.5 released, here’s what’s new.

Digg It!Yesterday evening Pligg released beta version 9.5, our last installment of the beta series for Pligg. Between this release and the next there will be additional optimizations performed and some final tweaking and bugfixes added. It has been decided that most features from this point out should be added through the semi-new module system which lets you plugin your own code without messing with the core of Pligg. This doesn’t mean that the development of Pligg will slow, in fact we expect the opposite. Soon we will be releasing a few new features on that I think will result in gaining the attention of more developers and users. We’re very happy about the current performance and features of Pligg and I think you will agree after testing this latest version. Below is a list of my favorite features from this release (there are A LOT). Picture will be added soon.
  • Related Stories – New related stories feature returns stories that have common tags. Code can be found here…elated+stories
  • Un-vote – Now users can un-vote stories they have voted for.
  • Mass delete private messages – Delete as many PM as you want at once.
  • Search for users – On the profile page users can search for other users
  • Major database query enhancements – There are no official numbers yet but AshDigg has done an awesome job eliminating many calls to the database. A quick estimation shows that the database calls in version 9.1 was 170+ and now it’s 50-60. This should substantially increase the speed of your Pligg site
  • “Reporting/Burying” Stories – Users can bury stories that are spam, inaccurate etc etc. Burying a story grays it out to signify you have buried it.
  • Latest comments – A new sidebar module that shows the latest comments has been added.
  • Vote counts in sidebar – Now in the sidebar you can view the vote counts for each story
  • Custom 404 pages – Now you can easily enable a custom 404 page for your Pligg site.
  • “Save” stories – A new feature has been added to Pligg that lets users save or bookmark any stories they want. The stories are saved under a new tab called “Saved” in their profile. (thanks eH9116)
  • Title of stories links to original news URL on story page – Now when your users are viewing the full story they can click on the title to view the external link
  • Vote count is RSS feeds – The vote count for each story has been added to the RSS feeds.
  • New Modules
    • Enhanced RSS importer module – The RSS importer is now a module and has many new features including Import pre-existing feeds and support for random votes.
    • Image upload module – Upload images and use the thickbox javascript library to view them (Thanks Cent)
    • Digg users module – Allow your users to enter their digg name in their profile and an rss feed for their submitted and voted on stories is automatically generated in the rss importer. Admins can then import these stories into their Pligg site. Thanks (jstayii/uncle_jesse)
    • Email all users module – A module that lets you create a message to send to all of the users on your site
    • Page statistics module – A module that allows your users to view all the stories and how many views each story has had.
    • Formula Manager module – A new module has been added that allows an admin to easily modify formulas that are used and their Pligg site. Currently, you can only edit the “report/bury” formula. Hopefully more will be added in the future.
  • Enhanced Admin Panel – Major improvements to the Admin Panel.
    • Search users – On the main user management page you can now search for users. You can search by name, email address, level, and date joined.
    • Create new user – Create users from the admin panel.
    • Link Management – As an admin you can do a mass update of stories via the admin panel. You can select multiple stories and either discard, queue, or published them with one click of a button. Admins can use this area to search for any stories, too.
    • Template Editor – Now admins can easily edit any of their template files via a new template editor. This saves the time having to get out your FTP client to make a small change.
    • Comment Manager – A new comment manager allows admins to delete or edit all comments from the admin panel. Mass deletion of comments can be done with a single click. Admins can use this area to search for comments, too.
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One thought on “Beta 9.5 released, here’s what’s new.

  1. Hi,

    I am playing with the rss importer. It works very well. Here are a few things I noticed:

    1. the feed frequency does not seem to work… is there anything else i need to do so that the importer imports the feeds automatically?

    2. how do i import the story thumbnail? it appears in the admin preview but in the published tab.



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